Interview Techniques

Preparing for an interview

It is natural to be nervous before a job interview, but if you prepare properly and practice your interview technique then it is possible to control your nerves. To help, we’ve listed a few of the typical questions you are likely to be asked below, so why not try answering them using our hints and tips as a guide..

How do you see your career in 10 years’ time?

Don’t be afraid of this question. This is the perfect opportunity to display confidence and show your desire for a career and not just a stop gap.

What motivates you to work at your best?

Explaining that you appreciate positive feedback and encouragement for good work is completely acceptable, and don’t be afraid to mention any financial rewards appropriate to your role that could benefit your family environment when you’re at home!

Why should we offer you the job?

Refer back to your ‘best attribute’. Prepare to elaborate further on why your current experience can benefit your potential new employer.

What do you know about the company?

Always research the company you are looking to work for before the interview. It doesn’t need to be chapter and verse, but, find out things such as ‘how long they have been running’ and how big the company is (ie number of branches, staff numbers). If the company has had any positive media coverage recently, bring that up as this maybe the reason why you wanted to work for them in the first place. This is a great time to offer the reason why you wanted to work for this company.

How do you cope under pressure?

Again, always answer with confidence. Someone who is unsure how to answer this sort of question will, undoubtedly, not do very well at the interview. If relevant, refer back to your ‘Best attribute’. Answers such as, ‘keeping calm and in control in order to get the job done to the best of my ability’ will always come across well. But, always follow that up with something relaxing you choose to do once the day is over, such as reading or going for a run. (Not drinking!)

How would you describe yourself?

Ensure when you answer this, you are positive and confident. Try to think of 2 words such as honest and career-minded. Once you have decided on your 2 words, elaborate on them, very briefly describing what you mean by them and offer a work-related example.

What are your weaknesses?

Always a tough one if you’re not prepared! Nobody’s perfect! However, perhaps saying something like ‘My attention to detail can bug other people sometimes!’ can be taken as much as a positive than anything else. I think any interviewer would rather employ someone who is looking to do as close to a perfect job as possible, over someone who would rather rush to get something finished.

What would you say is your best attribute?

This should be brief, work related and said with confidence! For example, ‘working well under pressure and being able to remain focused when given tough deadlines’ can be extremely memorable when you are against other candidates.

Tell me about yourself.

This is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself! But, keep it brief. Decide on your best qualifications which suit the role you are applying for and elaborate on what you currently do which will benefit the new role. Also, let the interviewer know a little about your hobbies and whether you are married and with children. Letting them know you have a mortgage and want to further your career to support your family are great things for a potential employer to hear!

Why are you looking to leave your current job?

This is best answered with a positive reason. ‘Because I don’t get paid enough by my current employer’ or ‘I want to work less hours’ can sound like they may be about to employ someone who is not looking to work to earn a living. Answers such as ‘I want to forward my career and there are no opportunities in my current company’ can sound much more appealing to the interviewer.


Always bear in mind that it is costly and time consuming to take on a new employee. Interviewers will ensure candidates are qualified, motivated and looking to join their organisation. These will always be amongst the most important attributes for any position!

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