Recommend a Friend

How does it work?

  1. If you are already aMicron Recruitment candidate then you can earn £250 by recommending family and friends to us as potential candidates.
  2. Simply let us know that you want to take advantage of our offer and we will email you further details, along with a registration form for your friend or family member to fill in.
  3. The registration can be submitted on line, in person at our Head Office, by post, or by calling 01527 759120 within 90 days of your recommendation.
  4. Once the registration process is complete, your friend or family member can start applying for vacancies and you will both receive your £250 when we find them a job!

Any questions?

How will I receive my £250?

Yes we can. We only make payments by cheque.

When should I expect my £250?

28 days after your recommend candidate has started there new position.  If you have recommended more than one friend, the payments will be made separately once each friend as completed the interview.

How many friends can I recommend?

You can recommend as many friends as you’d like, and they will each receive £250, but we will only pay you a maximum of £1000 in any 12-month period.

What details do I need to get from my friend?

As well as your details, you’ll need your friend’s first name, surname, date of birth and email address. These details are used to match your friend’s details with the correct application. Please ensure you have your friend’s permission to pass us these details.

I’ve previously been referred for this incentive, how much will I receive?

Clients that have previously been referred by their friends between 1 July 2015 and 31 July 2015 can still qualify after 31 August to receive the £250 increased value.
Clients that have been referred by their friends before 1 July 2015 that then complete a registration with us will receive the £50 standard value unless another recommendation is made.


This offer is only available to UK customers. They are required to be registered with Micron Recruitment for a minimum of 365 days. Other conditions apply. Please read the Terms of this offer.

Got any questions? Get in touch with Micron Recruitment today on 01527 759120.